my mom made this unitard. (cjmarlowe) wrote in kraftcorner,
my mom made this unitard.

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I know right? It's just buttons (plus a couple of my favourite strings of beads-looking-for-a-project lurking in the back). But teamaims totally said I could! I call it "Selections From My Button Stash."

I have absolutely no idea what I'm ever going to do with those calico cats, but they'll probably make it onto a tote one day. That cluster on the far left is maple leaves, but they're kind of hard to make out in the photo unfortunately. It's probably completely evident at this point that I adore working with metal buttons, whether embossed or engraved or molded. The anchors at the top are plastic buttons, but I like them anyway. :D

More metal! Tin stars! Lion's heads! Coats of arms! Something...else! :D And at the top some of my awesome singles that I've salvaged from cheap lots of buttons.

Alice In Wonderland! I got these from a friend and I still have no idea what I'm going to do with them, I just think they're awesome.

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